4.5 out of 5.0 stars

If it’s brunch time, what are you looking for on the menu?  Yep!  You nailed it!  Burger!  I’m going to tell you the Blackbird Cafe serves a killer burger for brunch!  Well, fortunately, it’s always on the menu.  Oh, they’re also spinning vinyl from the bar.  That was a nice touch.

Their grass fed beef was seasoned beautifully, enhancing the flavor.  It had a great char as well.  They use Deer Creek colby cheese that tasted great and was melted perfectly.  There is a leaf of bibb type lettuce under the patty.  Next, they throw on some of their “bbird sauce”, which was delicious.  Of course I got a side of it for my fries.  It’s topped with a couple of onions rings which made their way directly into my mouth after a couple of full bites.

Their pickles are from Grandma Piehl’s.  You get a bunch of them on the side.  Take half of them and throw them on your burger.  Enjoy the rest by themselves.  They are very good.  Is that it?  No way!  The house made bun is totally killer.  It is soft, pillowy, lightly toasted and fantastic!

This is a great burger!  Hit the patio or belly up to the bar, but make sure you order the Blackbird Burger!  It’s not a big burger, so don’t plan on sharing.

Fries – Fantastic!  Get a side of bird sauce.