4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Most of us love biscuits in some form for breakfast or if you are like me, anytime.  How about a Biscuit Burger?  Not sure?  Let me answer that for you.  Yes, please!

I first saw this on Thrillist’s ‘Best Burgers in Nashville” list, and as you would expect, I was like, “are you serious”? Well, this burger is as serious as the heart attack it puts you closer to having!

A couple of charred beef patties, a blend of short rib and chuck, that certainly holds its own.  The South loves their pimento cheese, and I do too!  Delicious!  There is a very flavorful bacon jam that is spread on top of the burger.  Finally, an egg is put on top.  I’d like a little runnier egg, but it was fine.  I did take it off for the picture.

A biscuit as the bun?  Why not!  This is the kind of fun thinking I love.  I’ve had a grilled cheese, a waffle, ramen noodles and I would love to try a funnel cake as a burger bun, so a biscuit bun is a no-brainer.

It’s a good, tender and flaky southern biscuit.  I ordered a side of their sausage gravy so I could pour it over everything.  I was able to complete a few bites of this burger before it totally came apart on me as I expected it to do.  At that point, I poured the sausage gravy over everything and completed this very fun, enjoyable biscuit burger experience.  I definitely recommend you try the Wash Park Burger on your next visit to Music City!

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