4.0 out of 5.0 stars

After 35 years as a fixture on Grand Avenue, a changing of the guard has taken place at Billy’s On Grand.  Don’t worry, after sampling some of their new menu, myself and the #TCBurgerNight crew of @shawnsrodgers & @phatphood think the changes are all good!

If you’re like me, time was spent at @billysongrandave during the many, many years I attended Grand Old Day.  A large patio and so many seats inside, it was always packed with people.  With a new owner comes changes.  There will be decor changes as you might expect, but there is also a new executive Chef brought in to shake the menu up a bit.  Chef Jeremy Bechtold, @thenorthwoodstable has a relatively small menu you’ll be able to work your way through.

What is a Hangover Burger?  Basically it’s a breakfast burger with some hearty ingredients and possibly something spicy.  After a long night out, you might be a little dehydrated or super hungry or need to get woken up a little or need something to soak up that excess alcohol left in your system.  This burger will take care of everything!

This one is a 1/4 pound, double patty, chuck, brisket and short rib blend.  The char broiled beef has a softness to it I have never really seen.  It melts in your mouth.  American cheese tops each patty.  There are a few pickled jalapeños adding a nice little kick and some pickled red onions.  A couple strips of nicely cooked bacon are added.  The next ingredient is killer.  Duck sausage gravy is poured over the top.  It’s salty and delicious.  It’s finished off with a sunnyside up egg, which provides plenty of yolk.  The lightly grilled brioche bun is super soft and buttery.  Some of you may choose to tackle it with a knife and fork.  Not me!  I dove in with both hands!

I enjoyed this delicious mess of a burger, immensely!

Thank you, Chef Jeremy for hosting us.  @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers have a lot more for you.  You know what to do.