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The closing of Victory 44 and losing the Perfect Burger has left a void in my burger world that may take a while to fill, if ever. The Twin Cities lost two burger heavyweights in Victory 44 and Haute Dish recently. That does change the burger landscape. The remaining players, and there are many, have a chance to take those two coveted spots.

I have my own list of who that might be. These are my “Best Burgers at this Moment” list. Some of these places already have made a name for themselves and some have not.

Note: Everyone has their own favorites and their own reasons for them and that is what makes burger discussions so great. I can only go by what burgers I have experienced. There are many I have not. I do pay attention to all of your awesome burger posts and I think that I’ve hit the major burger players. .

I put Juicy Lucy’s in a different category than regular burgers. In my opinion, the way you have to cook the meat in order to get the cheese melted inside does make for less juicy beef. Don’t get me wrong though, Juicy Lucy’s can still be awesome! I also do not necessarily list any Minnesota burger icons. These are the best tasting burgers right now. Nothing but taste enters in. Service, décor, cleanliness, etc., do not factor in. This list does change frequently.

These are currently the contenders for my Burger of the Year choice. It can definitely change! .

@lowryhillmeats – LHM Burger
@saintdinette – Cheeseburger
@revivalmn – Revival Burger with Bacon
@eskergrove – House Ground Burger
@parlourcocktails – Parlour Burger
@mckinneyroe – Big Stag Burger
@grayduckstpaul – Animal Burger
@louisristoranteandbar – Hamburger Alla Griglia
@stewarts_mn – Steakhouse Burger
@bngalleria – Brisket Burger .

If you are looking for Juicy Lucys:
Matt’s Bar
If I need to know about your absolute favorite place, let me know.  I would love to check it out!