4.0 out of 5.0 stars

What makes a 5 Star restaurant? Great food, great service, great atmosphere, cleanliness? Sure, all of them. Personally, as of today, I come to Bellacour to get down and “Dirty”!

Dirty? Yep! It’s a Dirty, delicious mess! Usually, I’ll start with the beef, but what will stand out is the black truffle sauce. You can’t escape it and it is delicious. There is so much of it, you can use it like a dipping sauce for your burger. There is also another sauce on the burger, their garlic mayonnaise.

The beef, double patty and dry aged was good, but the flavor is hidden a little bit with all of that black truffle sauce splashing around. The juiciness factor was in the ok range. The Gruyere cheese is a great French choice. There’s another French cheese called Epoisses.

Those cheeses together give it some really good flavor. I liked the diced red onions in the mix. The bibb lettuce protects the bottom bun nicely, keeping it from getting soggy. The brioche bun is what I would say a little heavier and doesn’t let the black truffle sauce destroy it. Oh, yes, they give you a few tasty cornichons on the side to pop in your mouth as well, at least that’s my jam.

It’s a good burger. I would recommend you make it one of your Wayzata burger stops. I think you’ll enjoy the experience.

Pommes Frites – Very good!
Pommes Dauphine – Very good!
Petits Croques Madame – Very good!
Duck Confit Wings – Very good!

Check out pics from @shawnsrodgers & @phatphood .