4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Barnes & Noble?  The last place I thought I’d find a great burger!  One of three Barnes & Noble Kitchens in the country.  A blend of chuck and brisket, the beef was cooked perfectly to my medium preference.  It was super juicy and had a rich beefy taste.  Slathered with a taste bud satisfying dijonnaise that I could put on anything.  Flavorful cheddar cheese, crispy red onions, fresh butter lettuce and slightly sweet, vinegary pickles finish the inside of the burger.  A perfect, soft, buttery, lightly toasted brioche bun completes this absolutely delicious burger.  I’m thinking I might start reading a few more books so I have an excuse to come here more often.  Put this burger at the top of your list!

Crispy Potatoes – Delicious!

Service – Normally, I don’t comment on the service, but it was 5 star!