4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I didn’t know much about this restaurant until a few months ago, but after a few visits it has become a favorite of mine.  Bardo recently had their one year anniversary and celebrated with some new menu items.  Chef & owner Remy Pettus has been tweaking his Happy Hour Burger and I’m happy to say the burger tweaking is over and the finished product was well worth the wait!

With their great patio, Bardo was the perfect place to host a Twin Cities Burger Night, #TCBN.  The usual team of @shawnsrodgers @phatphood and myself were given the red carpet treatment by Chef Remy and his incredible staff.  Trust me, you’ll get the red carpet treatment as well.


I did mention a burger didn’t I?  Let’s dive in.  The beef from Niman Ranch, was cooked perfectly medium, seasoned well, flavorful and pretty juicy.  Chef Remy is cooking this beef in a cast iron skillet, which in my opinion is the best way to cook a burger.  I don’t see many places using Muenster cheese on their burgers, but more should.  It’s mild, mellow and melts beautifully.  Crispy bacon in little strips and chunks top the patty and cheese.  Tasty caramelized shallots top it as well.  The top bun is slathered, as I like to say, with what Chef calls “green sauce”. It’s an aioli with a Greek yogurt base and a bunch of different fresh herbs from their onsite garden.  It’s fantastic!  The house made Potato and Egg bun is firm and toasted perfectly.  It is a little springy/spongy in a good way and will definitely hold up to anything thrown in it.

I really like this burger!  It’s available during Happy Hour from 4-6pm & 10-Close.  You can ask for it by special request as well.  I would if I were you.


There is a bit of construction around the area, but I have always found parking within a couple of blocks.  Do not let that stop you from venturing down to this part of Minneapolis.  You won’t be disappointed.  Make sure you check out posts and stories from @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers.  They have some very good info and pics.

French Fries- Delicious!

Chicken Sausage – Very good.

Aligot Potatoes – Fantastic!

House Bread – Very good.

Chevre Agnolotti – Delicious!

Lamb Ribs – Fantastic!