4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Just over a year ago, I read a Star Tribune article on Nicole Curtis from the HGTV show, Rehab Addict.  In the article, Nicole states one of the reasons she still comes back to Minneapolis is that she loves Barbette.  How’s that for a tip?

Barbette – Minneapolis / Royale with Cheese

Don’t go here looking for a good ole’ double cheeseburger with American cheese.  This burger is distinctly French.  Even their Peterson Limousin beef has a French heritage.  Limousin cattle were first exported from France to the US back in the 60’s.  They get their beef from Peterson Craftman Meats out of Osceola, WI.

The beef was cooked perfectly, was juicy and flavorful.  There is an ample amount of “Comté cheese”, which is very similar to Gruyère, with a mild, slightly sweet flavor.  There is onion marmalade under the cheese, and the familiar, Grey Poupon finishes it.  The bun was fairly soft and lightly toasted.  It’s not the largest of burgers, so get an appetizer as well.

It’s definitely a unique burger with a unique flavor.  It’s a good burger.

Burger rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

Pommes Frites – Very good!