5.0 out of 5.0 stars

There is a New French inspired restaurant, located in a very Old, downtown Minneapolis office building, turned into a New Hotel, 2 years ago.  Get all that?  I forgot most of it already.  What I didn’t forget is the restaurant part.  The #TCBurgerNight crew of myself, @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers will detail what we found.

@barrufusmpls is the first of three culinary concepts to be located in this beautiful hotel by Chef Daniel del Prado.  It features French Bistro dishes you are going to love, led by the brilliant Le MacDo.  It sounds like a take on the Big Mac.  It’s not really, but if so, add a little French twist to it.

The bun is elite.  It’s a very special @patisserie46 bun.  Soft, airy and toasted beautifully.  It has that crispy buttered edge around the perimeter, which I love.  You will remember the beef.  The two 1/4 pound patties are seasoned very well.  They have a very pronounced char to them and a melt in your mouth texture, between the char.  It gets that unique mouth feel from a 70/30 blend of chuck and wagyu with butter added in as well.

White American cheese blankets the patties, topped with a few very thinly sliced house made pickles and some shaved white onions.  Slathered on the top bun is a whole grain dijon aioli.  It’s absolutely fantastic and gives you just enough mustard flavor to grab your attention.  They don’t skimp on it either.  The last component is some very finely chopped lettuce on the bottom bun.  The chop is unique and caught my attention.

This is a finely crafted, superbly executed and a damn delicious burger!  Should we be surprised?  Have you had the cheeseburger at Chef del Prado’s, Martina restaurant?  Don’t need to say anymore.  Get this beauty on your hit list.  A wonderful addition to the Twin Cities amazing burger scene.

There are a few other fantastic menu items that you’ll need to try along with the Le MacDo.  Shawn and Phat will give you their spins on Bar Rufus.