3.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s hard to believe we’ve already done 30 Twin Cities Burger Nights/Hours.  We’ve hit a few of our favorite places, a few places we’ve always wanted to hit, a few of our favorite Chef’s restaurants and a few restaurants kicking off their new menus.  Tonight the #TCBN crew of @phatphood @shawnsrodgers and myself, wanted to visit a classic diner that’s been around a long, long time for a TC Burger Hour stop.

Band Box Diner opened in 1939 and was designated a local landmark in 2000.  If you want the classic diner experience, this is a great place.  The burgers are classic too.  Two 1/3 pound, fresh angus beef patties with that great flattop char.  American cheese, of course.  Fried onions, bacon and thin sliced pickles all on a great local @franklinstreetbakery bun, toasted nicely.  You can add lettuce, tomato and mayo to make it a classic California style.  Sit in front of the grill and watch the magic happen!

Be part of history.  Visit Band Box Diner!

French Fries – Fantastic!