3.5 out of 5.0 stars

There seems to be a National Day for just about every popular food item.  I’m certainly guilty of celebrating my share of them.  Usually, you can knock off one of the items on a particular National Day, but what if you could knock off three items while only ordering one?

Today is National Hamburger Day, National Beef Burger Day and also National Brisket Day.  @baldysbbqmn has everything you need to celebrate all three with their Wheelhouse Burger.

Of course, a Hamburger starts with Beef.  They give you a 1/3ish pounder, not quite cooked to my temp and a little light on the seasoning, but satisfactory.  Their house cheese sauce is nicely melted.  A couple strips of perfectly cooked bacon joins the party.  The next part of this National Day celebration is the brisket.  Brisket is definitely in their Wheelhouse.  Two thick slices of delicious, tender, juicy brisket are thrown on.  Some of their tasty original bbq sauce is poured over everything. .

We are not done yet.  Two of their fantastic beer battered onion rings top this bad boy off.  I wanted to pull those babies off, but waited until I had a few bites of this burger.  The bun was soft, and nicely complimented this meat monstrosity.  You also get some creamy coleslaw on the side if you want to add that on top.  Yes, after a few bites I did pull an onion ring and a slice of brisket off to enjoy by themselves.  I wonder if you could resist.  If you are hungry and bbq sounds like it might hit the spot, I can tell you it will at Baldy’s BBQ!  Order online.  Pick up inside.

I have to tell you about their pulled pork egg rolls.  They are amazing!  Juicy, tender, pulled pork tossed in bbq sauce and stuffed with cheese.  All this in a crunchy wonton wrapper. 😋

Battered French Fries – Very good!