4.0 out of 5.0 stars

So, you’re planning to hit up a BBQ joint for some killer brisket, pulled pork or ribs.  Damn right!  That’s why you go there.  Let me just say, after my stop at Baldy’s BBQ, you may want to check out the burger menu.

On the menu is their signature Wheelhouse Burger and the Baldy’s Burger.  You have some build options with the Baldy’s Burger.  I went with House made cheese sauce, sauteed onions, bacon, pickles and seasoned mayo.  I wanted it a little more epic, so I got them to add a couple of layers of their smoked brisket on top of the patty.  Let me just say, Score!

The beef, a 1/3 pound patty had a decent char to it, was seasoned well and was pretty juicy.  The sauteed red onions were perfectly cooked and delicious.  The bacon was absolutely fantastic and was cooked exactly to my desire.  It was not even close to being overly crispy.

I have to tell you about this cheese.  I love that a few places are offering house made cheese sauce.  This was poured over the beef patty and was delicious.  The sauteed onions sat in this liquid and totally soaked it up.  There was some extra cheese sauce pooling on my plate.  Loved it!

Finally, and it wasn’t a topping choice, the layers of brisket.  The brisket was so good.  Juicy, a little fatty and very flavorful.  I made the right choice!  My last choice was their seasoned mayo.  They swiped a bunch of it on the top and bottom buns.  It was really good.  Lastly, the bun was soft, buttery and toasted perfectly.

I ate half the burger with the layers of brisket on top, but then took them off and chowed down on them separately.  This is one very good burger!  It’s also one messy burger as well.  No problem!

French Fries – Loved them!

Seasoned Mayo – Fantastic!

Cheesy Corn Bake – Good.