4.5 out of 5.0 stars

You know what it looks like.  You need to know what it tastes like!  Take your Big Mac concept, class it up and elevate the flavors and deliciousness.  That’s the aristocrat!

What can I say?  They nailed it!  No doubt they’ve reached Upper Class status with this bad boy.

Two locally sourced black angus beef patties cooked beautifully.  Their tangy aristocrat sauce tantalized my taste buds.  Nicely chopped lettuce.  Melted American cheese.  Tasty sliced pickles and diced onions.  All on their rockin’ house made sesame seed bun.

Yes, I did list all the delicious components in order of the jingle.  I did sing it while I was writing it as well.

If you grew up on the Big Mac and love it like I do, do yourself a favor and experience Bacio’s awesome creation.  It will bring back some good memories.  It is on the lunch menu only, but you can get it off their secret menu for dinner.

I really liked this burger!

This made Burger Hour with @phatphood an even bigger success.  Thank you @janaemars612 and @bacio_restaurant !

This truly was High Class experience!