4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m back out at the original B52 Burgers + Brew in Inver Grove Heights after checking out there new location in Lakeville a couple of months ago.  When you’ve got as many Burgers as they do on their menu, multiple trips are a necessity!

If you were early and in line at the @tcburgerbattle this year, you may have heard some yelling and cheering coming from a golf cart carrying someone in a cape and a mask.  He was making the rounds getting the crowd excited to get inside and start wrecking some burgers.  As it turns out, this man was dressed as a Professional Mexican Wrestler called a Luchador and that’s exactly what B52’s burger entry was named.  It certainly has a Mexican flare to it and things are done a little differently than with your normal burger.  Their signature beef patty is marinated in chimichurri sauce.  This green sauce is a popular marinade for beef.  It was cooked perfectly pink for me and was very juicy.  Their choice is cheddar cheese and it was melted well.  Topping the cheese is a flavorful sweet shallot marmalade, a couple strips of their wood smoked bacon, a few tasty pickled cucumbers and a smooth ghost pepper mayo, giving it a little heat.  Don’t let it scare you though, there is more flavor than heat.  The bottom bun did get a little soggy with that juicy beef, but was ok.  There are a lot of unique flavors with this one.  I enjoyed it.  It just might be my favorite one on their menu so far.  I’ve got a few to go though!

Fries – Very good!  Get a side of their chipotle mayo, it’s fantastic!

Pickle Chips – Absolutely loved them!  They are cut thicker than most with a thicker batter.  The ranch was good, but a little thin for me, so I used that chipotle mayo.

5 Cheese Mac – Very good!  I will admit that I can be very critical of dry Mac & Cheese.  I really liked this.  It was creamy and delicious.

Check out their rooftop patio before summer runs out.  It is super cool!