5.0 out of 5.0 stars

When was the last time you heard about a great burger, then when it came to your table, it looked like a great burger, then when you touched it, it felt like a great burger, then when you devoured it, it WAS a great burger? I’d love to hear your answer. My enthusiastic answer is, “a few days ago at @artsandrecuptown.”

Arts + Rec has brought some coolness and fun back to Lake and Hennepin. A restaurant, an entertainment venue, a speakeasy, a tropical themed rooftop and one very cool, artist-designed mini golf course.

Let’s talk restaurant, and more importantly, the DBL Smash Burger. It’s amazing and it should have a spotlight on it. It’s a double patty beauty. The patties are 3.3 oz., seasoned nicely with a perfect char. The 77/23 beef blend gets smashed in clarified butter and has the juiciness you want. Each patty has a slice of wonderfully thicker textured, velveteeta style cheese. It’s fantastic. The delicious Rec sauce is a blend of different condiments with a splash of hot sauce. Get a side of it for your fries as well.

The potato bun is perfect. So soft and nicely toasted. A few thin cut pickles line the bottom bun. Is there room in my Top 10 for it? I’ll make room!