4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Annie’s Parlour – Minneapolis, in Dinkytown by the University of Minnesota – Bacon Double Cheeseburger – This was a Super fun, Monster of a mess!  Totally Awesome!

We all like to add or modify things when we order burgers.  This was one of the few times I asked myself, “what have I gotten myself into”?

I saw the Bacon Cheeseburger on the menu and of course, thought I would add grilled onions, a second patty and an extra slice of cheese.  I was feeling good.  My expectations were in check.  I couldn’t be disappointed.

What they brought me was this monstrosity of beef covered in a mound of grilled onions and what seemed like a gallon of cheese.  My jaw pretty much hit the floor and my eyes were like saucers!  I literally thought, Holy Cheeseburger!”.

My miscalculations were as follows:  The beef patty I assumed would be ¼ pound, was more like a half pound, so doing the math, the total was probably somewhere between ¾ and a full pound.  Second, I assumed one slice of American cheese would be on each patty.  Nope, two slices each for a grand total of four slices of cheese.  No problem with the grilled onions, right?  Wrong!  I could have spread those out over three burgers!  All this might sound like a problem, but of course, I loved it!  Bring it on!

The beef was charred pretty well, but they missed the mark on my medium as I had asked for.  The grilled onions were grilled perfectly and had a nice flavor and were thick and soft.  The bacon was cooked perfectly and had a nice bacon flavor.  The pickles were tangy and good.  The American cheese was extremely plentiful and melted well.  The bun was soft and lightly toasted.  All of the components were good and the burger was good.  I expected an OK burger and this exceeded my expectations.

Annie’s Parlour is located on the 2nd floor of a cool, old brick building.  It has a great patio.  I will come back to Annie’s.  This burger experience was awesome!

Hand-cut fries – Delicious!

Peanut Butter Cup Malt – Delicious!