5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Would you like another 5 star burger in your life?  Me too!  Apparently, it’s as easy as hitting a Barbecue Trailer.  At least that’s been my recent experience.

I came across a 5 star burger last week at a Barbecue trailer in Minneapolis and much to my surprise, this week, those 5 stars shined bright on Animales Barbeque Company (@animalesbarbequeco). What happens when you serve great BBQ at your trailer, but you also have a burger that received a lot of attention as well?  You roll out a trailer devoted specifically to that burger.  It seems to have been a great decision.  The trailer is called Animales Burger Company (@animalesburgerco). The burger is slightly different in that back at the BBQ trailer, the beef was grilled over an open flame.  Now it’s smashed on a flat top.  I like my patties smashed!

The 1/4 pound patties are from @petersoncraftmeats.  They get a fantastic char on them.  They are juicy, and the best part, they are seasoned beautifully.  Maybe BBQ places get the importance of seasoning.  Look how liberally they season pork butt, ribs & brisket, etc.. They bring that to their burgers.  White American cheese is melted beautifully.  It melts into the beef patty very nicely.  Their homemade thin sliced pickles are delicious and there is a lot of deliciousness.  You’ll get a ton of pickles.  Let’s talk bun.  The bun is fantastic!  It’s a milk bun that is toasted in dried pepper spiced lard.  @amberlin06 takes care of the buns, bread, desserts & pastries.

You can get the Burger in a single, double or a triple.  They will even throw on as many patties as you want.  You can get some pretty hot sliced jalapeños on your burger or on the side.  You can also get their mustardy flavored Gold Sauce.

This is a burger you should get on your list.  I’d move it to the top of your list.