4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I wish I had a new place to tell you about, but I don’t.  All I have is an old place that’s been around since 1949 and has never offered any meaningful food service.  That is, until a few months ago!

Alary’s Bar in Lowertown.  St. Paul’s original sports bar, has never shown up on the foodie radar, since food was never really an option.  New ownership has come in, and with them a new full kitchen and a new attitude to be a family friendly, welcome everyone, bar/restaurant.  With that new kitchen, ownership brought in Chef Mik German, @chefmikg.  Mik has represented Alary’s at the 2019 GrillFest and at the 2019 Twin Cities Burger Battle, to name a couple.  Chef and I are on the same page.  Liberally season the beef, make sure it’s juicy, give it a good char, and have your cheese and mayo/aiolis, drip and ooze all over the place.  There is a lot to cover with this burger.  The 1/3 pound signature blend beef patty is seasoned beautifully, it’s juicy and hit a medium temp.  These patties are done smash style, so there is a good char on them as well.  What you don’t see next is the house made jalapeno bacon chutney.  This delicious sauce is full of big chunks of bacon and chopped jalapenos.  You don’t see the chutney because a ton of pepper jack cheese is beautifully melted over it.  Between the chutney and the pepper jack cheese, you’re getting a nice little spicy bite.  Don’t worry, Minnesotans, you’ll be just fine.  Generously spread on the bottom bun is a fantastic, flavorful herb mayo.  This will cool things off a little for you.  Chef definitely believes in the mayo oozing out from below the patty and down the bun.  I love that.  You also get a few house made pickles adding some acidity to the mix.  I popped a couple in my mouth and put the rest on my burger.  The last piece is a wonderful, buttery, airy, brioche bun from PJ Murphy’s Bakery that gets a butter swipe and then is toasted on the grill.

I enjoyed the heck out of this burger and I want you to stop in and try it.  Tag me!

There are daily specials consisting of different sandwiches, such as The Michigan Ave. Melt, Egg Salad, Italian Turkey Melt and Pickle Grilled Cheese.  Soups like Tater Tot Dish, Chicken Noodle and Chicken Corn Chowda’.  Other specials include Pig Wings, Cali Wrap and Chicken & Waffles.  Check out @chefmik on instagram to see the specials of the day.  Chef also does a Burgers of the Month.  July’s BOM is The Big Filthy.

Hand-Cut Cajun French Fries – Fantastic!  Get a side of the addicting habanero ranch to dip.

Pig Wings – Delicious!

Baby Dill Frickles – Very good!

Tater Tot Dish Soup – Very good!