5.0 out of 5.0 stars

A special Thank You!

Since I first heard the news that Victory 44 had closed, I’ve been thinking about the events of four years ago.  Most people would say, yeah, the Perfect Burger, it’s a really good burger, but for me, it was much more.  I’ve commented on a few posts that the Perfect Burger “changed my life”.  Here’s my story.

I’ve always been a person who has loved burgers and had been to a few really good burger places over the years, or at least I had thought.  Four years ago, mspmag.com came out with a “burger bracket” called Burger Madness.  You might be able to guess who won their burger bracket?  Yes, the Perfect Burger from Victory 44.  I thought it would be kind of cool to try and hit a few of the places in the burger bracket.  Where did I start?  Victory 44, of course!  I still remember that day and the Perfect burger being delivered to our table.

I had never had a top chef’s burger creation before.  I was blown away by the special blend of beef and bacon, topped with two strips of delicious bacon as well, the beautifully melted cheddar cheese, the Dijon aioli, the unique house made sweet pickles, all on a soft, buttery bun.  It was Perfect!

That was the day I decided I wanted to start a burger blog and it eventually became www.tcburgerblog.com.  If only I had known about a site that concentrated on the almighty burger in the Twin Cities metro area.  It would tell me where the good burgers were and where the incredible burgers were and they would be reviewed, not by a chef or food writer, but just by a burger lover.  Someone who genuinely gets a big smile on their face when reading about an incredible burger experience someone just had.  If a burger I talk about changes someone’s life, that would be incredible.  If not, then I’ve still had quite a burger ride.

So, my journey to find burger nirvana continues, even though I actually achieved it four years ago.

Thank you, Chef Harcey and Victory 44 for creating my burger nirvana and making it “Perfect”. You truly did “change my life”.