5.0 out of 5.0 stars

There are great burgers that everyone knows about and talks about.  What about the great burgers people don’t know about?  Do they get lost in this ultra-competitive burger world we call the Twin Cities Burger scene?  Nope!  Not on my watch!

Here are 7 Burgers you may not know much about, but you should!

7 Burgers you need to know about! – Twin Cities / Great Burgers

Burger pics are top to bottom, left to right.

Bushel & Peck – (Minneapolis) – Double Bushel Burger

Blackbird Cafe – (Minneapolis) – Blackbird Burger

Town Hall Station – (Edina) – Brewer’s Double

Barnes & Noble Kitchen – (Edina) – Brisket Burger

Cook – (St. Paul) – Spicy Korean Burger

The Liffey – (St. Paul) – Pub Club Burger

Louis Ristorante & Bar – (St. Paul) – Hamburger Alla Griglia

I highly recommend putting these 7 on your burger hit list.  They are all favorites of mine.

I really like these burgers!