4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Final Four TCBN Pop-up!  When you think of the food Minnesota is known for, what two things come to mind?  You nailed it!  Tater Tot Hot Dish and Juicy Lucys!  What would happen if you put the two together?  I can tell you what, Minnesota Magic!  The 5-8 Club has created the Tot Dish Lucy that will make us Minnesota Proud!  The #TCBN team of @phatphood @shawnsrodgers & myself are proud of what our state brings to the table and we are happy to tell you about this very special Juicy Lucy created just for our out of town Final Four visitors. This will be available starting today through April 8th.  Get the word out!

I was super excited to try this as I’m a big fan of specialty items that tell people what we are about here in Minnesota.  It’s fun to spread the word and the 5-8 Club is doing just that.  Let me tell you about it.  This Juicy Lucy is stuffed with American cheese just like their Classic Juicy Lucy, but there is also cream of mushroom soup stuffed inside the Lucy as well.  There is one more slice of American cheese melted on the top of the patty.  Too much cheese?  No way!  Next, tater tots and crispy fried onions are loaded up on top of the patty.  The soft bun completes it.  This Tot Dish Lucy is creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s so Minnesotan.  This is not a gimmicky burger in that a whole lot of cream of mushroom soup is not just poured over the top of everything.  Just enough is stuffed inside the burger so you get equal amounts of the soup, cheese, beef, tater tots and crispy fried onions.  You get all of that flavor harmony in one bite.  It’s a one of a kind Juicy Lucy you need to try.  Again, this is available today through Monday, April 8th, when a Final Four Men’s Champion will be decided.  That decision will be a tough one decided between two teams.  Your decision is easy.  Come on out and have a fun burger experience at the 5-8 Club!  This will be available at all of their locations, Minneapolis, Maplewood, Champlin or West St. Paul.