4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I had not been to the 5-8 Club for quite a while and I’ll make sure I don’t wait that long again.  Their original Juicy Lucy is a good burger, but I think I’ve stumbled onto their best Juicy Lucy.  The Roadhouse Burger.  This burger is stuffed with American cheese, but they also put a slice of American cheese on top.  I like a lot of cheese.  Next, they swipe some 5-8 special sauce on it.  Two slices of good, solid bacon on top of that.  I added fried onions, which had a very good flavor to them.  Pickles on top of that and then they top it all off with an onion ring.  A very good onion ring, which was pulled off the top and eaten by itself after the burger pictures.  I prefer to eat onion rings on the side.  The bun is soft and very simple.  I didn’t feel like the beef was as dry as a bone, which sometimes can happen with Juicy Lucy’s.  This Juicy Lucy is right in the mix for the best in the Twin Cities!  I really like this burger!

French Fries – Good

Onion Ring – Very good!