4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It was so good to be back at @holmanstable to experience their signature burger again and a few other items.  There are a couple of stories related to this burger that you do not know.  Of course, I’ll tell you.

I may take just a little credit for this burger.  During one of my conversations with owner @trexreding, I mentioned to him that I thought Holman’s Table should have a signature burger.  At the time, they had two burgers that were on both of the Rock Elm menus.  Troy talked with Chef Garrett Green and they came up with a beauty.

A juicy, nicely seasoned patty, cooked to a perfect medium temp.  Now the magic happens.  Rich, creamy and nutty Gruyère cheese starts us out.  A super flavorful Madeira Truffle Demi is poured on top.  It’s a classic, French brown sauce made with Madeira wine.  It’s amazing AND they don’t stop pouring it over the top until you’ve got a pool of this delicious sauce waiting for you to dip this burger into with every bite.  To add to the richness and saltiness of this burger, there’s a little scoop of foie gras butter melting on top.  The soft, lightly toasted @franklinstreetbakery bun is a great bun.

Why is it called the 300 dollar burger?  It’s not $300.  It is a reference to when pilots would fly somewhere for lunch, and by the time they added up their tab for food & fuel, it was $100.  Holman’s adjusted it for inflation and it now might cost around $300.

This burger is fantastic!

If you’ve never been out to the St. Paul airport, now is a great time.  A great date night place as well.