4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I give a lot of credit to Chefs that come up with new burgers every month.  It takes a lot of creativity and making those creations appealing and delicious.  I want to bring attention to Chef Mik who does not offer a burger of the month, but a burger of the week, which is even more impressive!

My goal is to knock off every burger and handheld on Chef Mik’s 328 Grill menu.  That goal got pushed back a little with the Three Way Burger.  I normally don’t post about Burgers of the Week (BOW) since they are gone in a weeks time, but I did this time since I do want to point out that Chef does offer a new burger every week and that if I’m building a burger, this is my jam.  Yes, this one is gone, but watch for new burgers posted weekly on Instagram and Facebook.  Chef has come up with some “Holy Cow” looking burgers.

The Three Way, you guessed it, is a triple.  Three juicy 1/4 pound patties all topped with American cheese.  Tasty grilled onions sit on top while delicious house made pickles sit below.  The sauce you see dripping down the burger is the fantastic awesome sauce.  A nice airy brioche bun from La Marguerite does the trick.

The Three Way is a fantastic burger.  Keep an eye out each week as I guarantee you, something will catch your eye.

MN Poutine – A must!

Cheese Curds – Amazing!