4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’m not known as a controversial guy or one that stirs the pot too much, BUT what I have to say, just might start an interesting conversation.

I’ve talked a few times about @chefmikg’s Burgers and his Sammiches, as he calls them, but what happens when a Burger meets a Sammich?  A lot of people would say, “patty melt”, and they would be correct.  Technically, the Fo’ Cheezy Burger is a Patty Melt, and I do consider that a burger.  I’ve posted a few patty melts over the years, but just a small fraction compared to the number of regular style burgers.  But, if you break it down, it doesn’t have onions or pickles, so it is also a grilled cheese with a beef patty inside.
As controversial as it may be, I’m going to state that I would order one of Mik’s Burgers Fo’ Cheezy style before I would order it with a regular bun. 😮  I know.  Get outta here!  Let me explain.

I have nothing against the burger buns at @328grill.  I like them a lot, but when Chef whips out a couple slices of sourdough bread and generously swipes his house made Parmesan butter over each slice and then perfectly toasts it on the flattop until its golden brown and gets the perfect crusty crunch, you may never ask for a regular burger bun again.  In between these magical slices of bread, sits the signature 6 oz., short rib, brisket and chuck patty, beautifully seasoned with Chef’s @14spicemn creation, temped nicely to medium, topped with melted American cheese.  With the Fo’ Cheezy style, you also get pepperjack and cheddar cheeses to satisfy any cheese lovers desire.

I added fried onions and house pickles to jack this burger/patty melt/grilled cheese/sammich, up another notch.  Whatever you want to call it before you sink your teeth into it, the only word you’ll be saying after you crush it, is Delicious!

What’s YOUR style?  Mine is Fo’ Cheezy!