5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I locked myself in a room with all of the powers that be from www.tcburgerblog.com trying to finalize a Top 10 Twin Cities Burger list.  The fact that it was only me, did not make the decisions any easier or quicker.

Top 10 lists are not easy and can be a little stressful, but I’ve actually enjoyed the process since I had to take the time and think back to when I had these incredible burgers and how much I enjoyed them.  Could I be wrong?  Absolutely!  I had to pick 10 though.

Here we go:  These are the 10 best overall burgers that I have actually experienced.  In chatting and talking with many people, I think I’ve hit most of the potential Top 10 burgers in the Twin Cities.  If you’ve ever seen my website, this list will not be a surprise, as I keep a current Top 10 list as well as the other top burgers in the Twin Cities on the front page of the site.

This list is only about the taste of the burger as a whole.  Nothing else figures in.  There are a ton of so called Minnesota iconic burgers and Minnesota Hall of Fame burgers that are incredible, but will not be on this list.  These are my favorite 10 burgers right now!  I put Juicy Lucys in a different category.


The last thing I want to say is this, and it is very important and what I consider to be a golden rule for all of us burger lovers.  This is a list of MY favorite burgers in the Twin Cities.  All of you have your favorite burgers, and whatever those burgers are, those are truly the Top Burgers in the Twin Cities!

Martina – Double Cheeseburger – @martinarestaurant

Revival – Revival Burger with Bacon – @revivalmn

Parlour – Parlour Burger – @parlourcocktails

Saint Dinette – Cheeseburger – @saintdinette

Esker Grove – House Ground Burger – @eskergrove

Lowry Hill Meats – LHM Burger – @lowryhillmeats

6Smith – A Fat Burger – @6smithrestaurant

Burch Steak – Burch Cheeseburger – #burchsteak

Mercy – Old School Cheeseburger – @mercympls

McKinney Roe – Big Stag Burger – @mckinneyroe

We are very, very fortunate to have so many incredible burgers where we call home.  I really love this place!

If you have some time off over the holidays, do yourself a big favor and pay a visit to one of these great restaurants!

Stay tuned for my year end post that will detail some things I’m looking to do in 2018!