3.5 out of 5.0 stars

A special thank you to the Burger Boys for braving the elements! — 05/20/17 8:30 pm

Burgers were not the only thing being battled this day.  An all day rain made this cold and very wet.  Mother Nature would not win this battle!

The People’s Choice Winner was The Nook.  The Judge’s Winner was McKinney Roe.

McKinney’s Big Stag Burger was a masterpiece.  It was as visually appealing as it was good.  A double patty with White American cheese, pickles, maple peppered bacon, caramelized onions, and dijon aioli on a soft pretzel bun.  This was a great burger!

The Nook had another outside the box creation in their Donut Burger.  This one had people talking.  Beef, bacon, cheddar cheese on an inside out glazed donut.  It definitely caught your eye and satisfied your palette.

My vote went to Bulldog NE and their Rooster Burger.  The flavors were great!  Solid beef, sriracha glaze, pepper jack cheese, pickles and garlic aioli.

A few other burgers that I thought stood out were:

Brunson’s Pub

Haute Dish

St. Paul Grill


Pepper’s & Fries

Buster’s on 28th

Our passion for burgers cannot be extinguished by cold and a lot of rain.  All of the burger lovers won today!