4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A special thank you to my Burger Team for coming out.  We had a lot of fun!

This event just keeps getting bigger and better!  Harriet Island was the perfect location to host this growing by leaps and bounds event.

The People’s Choice Winner was Peppers & Fries.  The Judges Winner was Red Cow.  Both were very deserving of their crowns.  Red Cow’s “Double Barrel Burger” was very juicy, flavorful and the bun was delicious.  Red Cow has been a staple in our burger diet for a couple of years and it was nice to see them win.

Peppers & Fries “Bangkok Burger” had a lot of flavorful components including Sriracha coleslaw, cream cheese and sweet Asian garlic sauce.  The bun was good.  It was a burger you definitely remembered after you tried it.  Very Good!

My vote went to one of last years winners, Paddy Shack.  The “Paddy Melt” was a unique entry which consisted of Caraway rye toast instead of the traditional bun.  I thought they nailed it.  It was toasted perfectly, although mine did fall apart somewhat.  It soaked up the burger juices nicely and just worked for me.  I thought it had a memorable, distinct flavor to it, which could not be said for a lot of the entries.  The bacon, blue cheese, red onion chutney and american cheese had great flavor.  If they offer this at their restaurant, I will be there.

A few other burgers that I thought stood out were:

Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille


Rock Elm Tavern