3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Let’s talk Sports Bars. Do you have a favorite? Great atmosphere. Great bar food and Great drinks. A television always in view. The #TCBurgerNight crew thought we’d mix it up a little bit and visit a new place with a familiar theme.

Burgers, Beer & Sports. That’s their jam! Mine too. The menu can seem a little daunting, but @shawnsrodgers, @phatphood & myself, look at it as an opportunity to try something unique.

With 17 Burgers on the menu, you should find something to peak your interest, but if not, you have total control to Build Your Own Burger, with 70+ ingredients to choose from.

I decided to shake it up. The Totter caught my eye. I’m a Minnesotan, and I love tater tot hot dish. If they want to make a delicious tater tot hot dish patty, that sits on top of my beef patty, then pour some tasty, white pepper gravy over it, yes, please. I’ll say this. When I try another burger off their menu on my next visit, I’m going to ask for a tater tot hot dish patty on the side with gravy on it. Maybe Chef Rottinghaus, @chefjeffrottinghaus, can put that on a secret menu? 😉

Back to the rest of the burger. Their signature angus beef patty comes in at a hefty 1/2 pound. This burger gets a slice of cheddar and a swipe of their very flavorful house mayo. Crispy fried onions sit atop everything. It’s a very good @dennysbakery cheese bun, made special for @1strndmn. I’d like a little more gravy and a little more seasoning on the patty itself, but the seasoning on the tater tot patty and the gravy, balanced that out.

This is a cool restaurant with all the TV’s you could want, and a sweet, 2nd level bar area, with the greatest Randy Moss mural, Viking’s fans could ever want!

Thank you, Tony, @tonybologna007 for having us in, and our server, Michael, @mlacoste99, for your great service. Thanks, Chef Rottinghaus for stopping out and chatting for a while.

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