5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I know what you are thinking, and the answer is NO!  I’m not playing a photo editing trick or anything like that on you.  This IS the legendary 112 Cheeseburger in its current form.  Now, before you freak out and start screaming, the sky is falling or the world is ending because your beloved English muffin bun is gone forever, let me ease the pain a little and tell you that this special brioche bun made by John Kraus at Patisserie 46, is amazing!

What gave the 112 Cheeseburger a cult type following in the Twin Cities?  I would have to say it WAS the English muffin bun, executed so perfectly and so unique to the Twin Cities burger landscape.  So, is cult status gone?  I’d have to say, yes, but as well as we know a bun can make or break a burger, the beef patty on this cheeseburger is very special and very good.

What’s everybody’s burger pick for the Prom these days?  It’s the double smashburger.  This style rules the burger kingdom right now.  The 112 Cheeseburger bucks that trend with a single beef patty, seared and cooked beautifully to temp.  I gotta say this was a change I really needed, just for the change in patty style.  It was refreshing and fantastic.  This is choice ground beef, with butter, egg, thyme, sautéed onions and salt blended in.  This beef patty is the star.  Yes, it’s still topped with beautifully melted Brie De Meaux cheese that drips off the side of the the patty.  This beef patty and Brie cheese would be great between any type of bun, but you will love the transition to this wonderfully soft, airy, lightly toasted brioche bun.  It’s softness in your hands.  The whole burger experience to me, is soft, buttery, flavorful goodness.  I’ll make this statement: “The 112 Cheeseburger Legend continues!” I’m still thinking about it.

Why the change?  I’ve heard two things.  Isaac Becker just wanted a change.  There may have been an available/logistics issue with the English muffin.